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Pauls Concreters Gold Coast Launches their new website and domain.

After more than 20 years of supplying, laying and finishing concrete on the Gold Coast, Paul and the team have branched out into cyberspace with Concreters Gold Coast.

Concreters Gold CoastThis new digital strategy for Pauls Concreters Gold Coast brings them not only into the digital age, but also is designed to put them more in front of the B to C market, after having been a principly B 2 B sub contractor for thousands of projects over the years.

I have particular knowledge of Paul and the team at Concreters Gold Coast, some 4 to 5 years ago they constructed a new auxilliary driveway and pad at my home and did a thoroughly wonderful job.  This particular slab has remained crack free to this time, even with access caps in it.

Paul and the team at Concreters Gold Coast are relying on us to supply them the website essentials for new domains.  With a comprehensive strategy to get them found on organic search, google maps and bing, we are proceeding to get this new site working for them from day one, by being able to be found by their new customers on the front page of search.

Concreters Gold Coast can do almost anything, and with a coverage area from South Brisbane, through the Gold Coast and Hinterland and all the way down to Ballina, they can service a huge area.

They specialise themselves in footings, slabs, driveways, footpaths and special concrete needs.

Very shortly you will be able to find Paul by simply searching for Concreters Gold Coast, and with their new presence just forming, our job will be to assist them to continue to grow through reviews, testimonials, links and citations.  Watch the search space for Pauls Concreters Gold Coast.

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