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Kylie Scott Real Estate Cleveland and Redlands

Its not often we get to work on a fresh product.  Kylie Scott Real Estate is one of them.  We were approached by a marketing company we have worked with for 10 years to help this new venture get started the right way with a custom built Real Estate Website.

Kylie Scott Real Estate is certainly not the run of the mill real estate agency.  Kylie has a huge history in the community in Redlands and Cleveland areas.  She has grown her “own” realty business over the past few years and was in the right place to kick off a dedicated site for her stand alone agency.

Kylie came to us to not only have a fully responsive and attractive site that listed her properties for rent and sale, but also turned visitors into contacts by being found on organic search.  A comprehensive plan for the site and Google assets was devised and budgeted for and implemented over a period of time.

Extensive customization of existing code for real estate listings is being refined and search organics is being worked on to achieve the deliverable attributes that Kylie Scott Real Estate needs to grow quickly on search.

The strategies being employed for property listings will create a sustainable and dependable growth in rankings, based on sound interaction with Google and Bing.  We are very pleased to help this new business name grow and grow.

Please check out our live progress at Kylie Scott Real Estate and give Kylie and join the list of over 90 properties sold in the past 2 years.

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