Website Repair Quotes

What to look for for a in successful Website Repair Quotes!

Anyone can build a website.  There are lots of free tools out there to let almost everyone have a web presence.  But, as you will soon find out, there are lots and lots of negatives in your website, especially when it comes to changing or fixing something.

To start with, there are the free website design and hosting products, these include everything from Homestead to even Microsoft Front Page.  With these, you can basically choose a template and pics on your computer in a word document type of layout and bingo its a website.

Then, there are the content mangement systems, that you never really own, you just rent them, and if you ever try to move them away from your provider, the whole site breaks, as the actualy operation of the site is based on their servers, and runs though a SKIN on your site allowing it to function.  If you move the site to a new hosting company, it just disappears. Many shopping carts are like this.

Then there are the custom designed database sites, these can be plug ins or they can be designed by an outsourced techie.  Many of these you will find never actually belong to you, you have a right of use for paying for it, but the control, editing and code still is owned by the developer and they are usually not very helpful in letting someone else work on the database.

Mind you, many other simple sites, that are actually owned by the website owner, hosted seperately, and built on platforms like

  • html websites
  • htm websites
  • php websites
  • asp websites
  • wordpress websites

or the like, are the easiest to fix by FTP access.   No matter what type of site you have, in most cases, if we can get access to the host or database, we can solve your problems.  If you are looking for a dependable website repair quote, or an expert opinion on repairs needed to your website.  Then call 07 5528 2525 and one of our vastly experienced technicians who actually sell websites, build websites and repair them too, will give you the clear and precise information that you need to confidently get your website repair carried quickly, on budget and with a minimum of stress.