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The Best in Commercial Laundry Equipment – DCL Australia

DCL AustraliaDCL Australia has launched.  Their new website is under construction and they plan to enter the commercial laundry equipment space with a bang.  Bringing together some of the very best commercial laundry suppliers from around the world in one convenient location, DCL Australia will be showcasing quality and affordable commercial laundry machinery from the likes of Wash Comm, Yamamoto, Pony and more.

The Australian market has not seen the depth of supplier choice, machinery configuration or local sales, service and warranty in this area before.  With decades of experience, the principals of DCL Australia plan to penetrate the Australian commercial laundry supplies market via their website and the major search engines.

To this end, they have enlisted Website Essentials to not only design and build their new site, based on their brand name, but to also ensure that it grows and ranks on search on the major engines like Google and Bing for terms such as commercial laundry equipment, large commercial washers and most importantly, converts visitors into viable quotes for them.

Also, in the growing local and mobile search arena, they have to be findable at the local geographic area at the same time.  Building this new DCL Australia site also has to include the very best animation and technology available to ensure their first time visitors get the most Oooooh and Ahhhhh in that first impression.  This when all coupled together, with a whole of internet approach will mean that this new DCL Australia site will not only have a running start in the rankings, but the business will be set to self grow and prosper, based on its most important asset, its website, via the Website Essentials.  Stay tuned for much more to come in the near future from DCL Australia


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