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Rik Flowerday

Rik Flowerday

A professional Profile of Mr Rik Flowerday – Investment Properties

Rik Flowerday has worked in the property industry for 10 years. Rik Flowerday built his first investment property when he was 21, and by the time he was 30 had grown his portfolio to 12 rental properties.
Rik has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Canterbury University (NZ), a Post Graduate Diploma in Finance from Massey University (NZ), and is a licensed Real Estate Agent with the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ).

Buy Viagra alt=”rik flowerday photo” width=”225″ height=”300″ />Rik Flowerday is passionate about property and believes investing in residential property is a sound wealth creation vehicle.
When asked why House and Land Packages are a good investment option, there are several key benefits:
• Rick Flowerday says investors are only required to pay stamp duty on the land not the building, which is an upfront saving of thousands of dollars
• New houses do not carry the same maintenance requirements as older properties
• New properties also attract greater depreciation allowances – tax losses, which in turn can raise the yield of the investment
• When built by a HIA builder, any structural problems that arise in the first 6 years are covered by a builders warranty
• House and land packages inherently come with their own parcel of land – which will appreciate in value over time, as the building depreciates
• They are typically are not governed by a Body Corp
• Building a well designed and competitively priced house can show a lift in valuation purely through the build process
Rik Flowerday further says when choosing an investment property you need to be strategic. While it is generally accepted that property prices double on average every 8-12 years, property markets are not all created equal – far from it. Particularly in a country like Australia where social and economic drivers vary greatly from one region to the next, some areas will inevitably outperform others in both the short and the long term.

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