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Wanaka Warbirds Tour

Wanaka Warbirds Tour

New Zealand Coach Tour to Wanaka Warbirds 2018

Kirra Tours has launched a dedicated site to showcase their Wanaka Warbirds 2018 Guided Coach Tour.  This dedicated tour not only showcases some of the very best of the South Island of New Zealand, but it also includes 3 days VIP access to the amazing and world famous Warbirds Over Wanaka exhibition.  This is an aviation buff dream come true.

warbirds over wanaka


A fully packed airfield with some of the most amazing historic military aircraft you will ever see in one location.  Then, of course there is the flying and so much flying that you neck will get sore.

The idea to put together a dedicated “aviation nuts” tour is very unique.  The exposure this event and this new site gets around the world in the myriad of military warbird enthusiasts sites is just amazing.

Website Essentials has been selected to assist in filling this VIP Coach Tour. We look forward to working with Wanaka Warbirds to get them found, and fill the seats on the bus…


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