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Annual Report Design

Annual Report Design

The best Annual Report Design Team in Brisbane

Lumino, long associated with the best Annual Report Design process in Brisbane have launched a new dedicated website just for Annual Report Design.

Annual Report DesignWith this new dedicated annual report design site, you can now see real examples of the best and most effective annual report designs.  Also, with the very open and in depth discussion on the entire process, this new site is both informative and also allows you to actively reflect on what is needed to make your annual report design the best it has ever been.

As stated on Annual Report Design:

  • More information is expected on a company’s ability to survive these financially uncertain times. Accounting standards are calling for more regular assessments of asset values and much more focus is being placed on issues such as how a company will manage any further downturn.
  • Shareholders want more frequent releases of financial reporting to reflect the volatility of the environment companies find themselves in and nervous shareholders are also scrutinising any new investments more carefully.
  • Company information needs to be widely available in various formats to suit the different needs of reader’s chosen platform and also at the time they want to receive it.
  • Annual and interim reports need to become more user friendly and easier to access online and even on mobile devices.
  • Marketing and other non-financial information has become more important, reporting on the company’s approach to aspects such as disaster recovery procedures, sustainability issues and corporate & social responsibility.

Making the choice of the right designers and producers for your annual report design has never been simpler or more reliable.

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