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Best Organic Pet Shampoos | Organic Factory Outlet

Best Organic Pet Shampoos

Organic Factory Outlet has the Best Organic Pet Shampoos


“Just ask my dog….it’s true, I tried it and it is the best organic pet shampoo I have ever tried”  (Mark T)

The Organic Factory Outlet sells lots more than just the best organic pet shampoos, it sells a large range of quality, organic products.  With a range of Jojoba based products that cover oil, overnight renewal cream, and all to way through to bead facial cleansers and of course Canine boost and Canine Wash.

Canine Wash, which I think is the best organic pet shampoo I have ever used, is a certified organic dog shampoo.  It comes in 200ml bottles and is completely PH balanced.  It keeps the essential oils in your dog’s coat and is gentle for the skin, which is particularly important for an older dog like ours.  This organic pet shampoo may prevent some skin disorders in your dog and all waste water from washing your dog is completely safe on the environment.

Organic Factory Outlet also sells other canine products including Canine Boost with is a supplement for your dogs diet.

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