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Champ Camp | Aerobic Coaching

Champ Camp Aerobic Coaching

Aerobic Coaching for kids & parents – Champ Camp

Champ Camp is a specialist Sport Aerobic Camp for athletes from 10 years and over on the Gold Coast. The aim of Champ Camp, is to provide excellence in sport aerobic coaching for athletes, coaches and of course athlete’s parents.

Champ Camp is your chance to spend three days on the Sunshine Coast learning from Australia’s top Sport Aerobic Coaches and athletes. Special sessions are also provided for Coaches of athletes and parents.

The very successful and highly subscribed 2011 camp was carried out from the 21st to the 23rd of January 2001 with rave reviews, like this one from Lisa Shearer. “A great BIG THANKS buy rx drugs to all the Champ Camp crew!! It was a fantastic opportunity to learn from the very best!! Being new to Sport Aerobics I found it to be an invaluable experience for me. My head is swimming with so much info , I cannot wait to share it with my girls so we can all learn & grow into better athletes”

And this from Michelle Wilkins “Just wanted to send a huge THANKYOU to all the organisers of Champ Camp 2011 on the Sunshine Coast.
My daughter Brittany had a fantastic time packed full of fun & fitness (& has talked non stop about it) and I’m very thankful that she had the opportunity to spend time with champions like Kylie, Anthony and Angela.”

Champ Camp needed a website and they selected Website Essentials for the job. They needed a simple, colourful and image heavy site that would rank well on search, be a budget priced site, and allow them to fully self edit and maintain, so that their amazing facebook traffic from Champ Camp could be redirected to a very user friendly aerobic camps site.

Now finding Champ Camp for your aspiring champions is even easier.  Just Google Champ Camp…

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