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Vale Hot Goanna.  The Goanna no longer lives on the net.

What a journey.  When Andrew and I came together at CVC to increase their online marketing and web presence in 4 languages, and we got the job to help promote their land sales in the UK via Google Adwords in 2004, I never dreamed that this situation would take a journey.  A journey to extinction.  A Hot Goanna was born in 2005 and started selling Google Adwords setups and management to clients in Australia, UK, Taiwan, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore and many others….

hot goannaI remember sitting in my home office in 2005 and trying to find a new brand name, a virgin, so to speak, with absolutely no Google search for the term.  You can still do this these days, and back then it was a godsend to find a brand name that no one had ever used to promote themselves, and of course make it exciting and unique.  Thus HOT GOANNA was born.  We went through the process of trade marking the term and were successful and then of course went to the R mark, which meant that it was registered for 10 years.

In the mean time, we got a phone call one day in 2007 from someone from Google, like… right, Google actually calls you?  They do! They DO! Hot Goanna was offered a contract to work for Google to look after Google Adwords Accounts in Australia.   We were the 3rd, equal with Monty’s team in Brissy at Aussie Web.  We grew and buy generic drugs grew and then…. TPP Internet knocked at our door.  I had been a reseller and corporate partner of theirs before for domain name registrations, they were the absolute BEST.

Hot Goanna decided to sell 50% to TPP Internet and grow ourselves based on their massive database.  Plus, there were some other plans afoot to sell TPP to someone else.  It sounded good.  I was very very happy for my wonderful staff at Hot Goanna.  I  and G2 had hired and trained them all, but, it was not the yellow brick road.  I left my troops in 2009, sold my founders shares and moved one.  TPP and Hot Goanna were sold to Net Registry last year and some of my old staff moved from the Gold Coast to Sydney and we still stay in touch.  Today the 18th February 2011, Hot Goanna Died.  The website is gone and it diverts to Net Registry’s site.  A wonderful product, a great company and a fantastic team, have expired, even G2 has gone to another pasture…

This small story is testament to the dreams, success, professionalism, companionship and spirit of the best Google Adwords Reseller in the country.  Not the biggest, but the best.  We bloody cared.  If you would like to get old fashioned, highly qualified, real Google Adwords service, then go to Google Adwords Consultant and talk to me.

To all Hot Goanna Pty Ltd clients, thank you!  To all our staff, I am pleased to still be your mate.  To my past Partners, thanks for the ride.  To HG as G1, I still love you.  Thanks  Mark Tull.

Vale Hot Goanna

To Koatzy, Chenoa, Ross, Adam, Alex and  Michael – thanks guys and I am sorry for what has happened.  As G2 said, in hindsight, we may have done it differently.  To the thousands that you helped,  to the many who  loved you,  it was you who made the company, you are Hot Goanna. I will not forget you.

Tully (G1)

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