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Myrtleford Florist

L’amour Florist – The Original Myrtleford Florist

One of the original Myrtleford Florist stores, Franca has been providing wonderful flowers in Myrtleford for decades.  L’amour Florists have lots of directory listings and it was finally time for them to have their own website.

myrtleford-floristWebsite Essentials currently helps and hosts many sites for Myrtleford businesses and Franca was referred to us from an existing client.  Word of mouth in website marketing and design works again.

With a new competitor in the district, L’amour Florist wanted a simple and effective site with the major push on search engine optimisation.  We were very pleased to get her started on the day she called us.  With a domain name secured overnight, hosting set up and a live domain name within 2 days to start SEO for on search terms such as Myrtleford Florist and Lamour Florists, we were immediately on the job to get her ranking and designed.

Very soon, L’amour Myrtleford Florists will be on front page of Google and the other search engines, using the tried and proved Website Essentials. A simple and highly efficient CMS based site will allow the staff at L’amour to self manage their website and flowers and grow the site to allow them target the market online for Bright Florists, Wedding Florist Myrtleford and many more relevant search terms.

If you are looking for a florist in Myrtleford or Bright in Victoria, now there is one more, the original one and they are now very easy to find, just google Myrtleford Florists and choose L’amour Florist and tell Franca you found them on search.  Great Flowers for any occasion are now even closer in the High Country and Alps…




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