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Shoalhaven Diesel Services

Shoalhaven Diesel Services

Mobile Diesel Mechanic in Nowra

Dave knows his stuff.  He consults to race teams and is a bit of a legend in the trade.  He decided to get serious online after having a successful plant and equipment diesel repair business in the Shoalhaven area, and not unusually, his mates, and word of mouth bought him to us and Shoalhaven Diesel Services was born today.

shoalhaven diesel services

With a vision to get a website and be found on search in the South Coast of NSW for all those that were looking for a mobile diesel mechanic who can work on heavy equipment, earthmoving equipment, trucks, marine and in fact, anything diesel or petrol in the “big” rigs, I had a great couple of chats with Dave.  He knows his stuff and his preferred market, and we had great discussions getting his aspirations and needs sorted, with some tech knowledge from us.

The Website Essentials won in the end, in a collaborative way.  The biggest decision was a name that served both the online search space and also the actual business needs.  It was agreed that Shoalhaven Diesel Services was the winner.

Then it was the usual, domain name, site hosting, CMS and site choice and design, content, SEO and maybe PPC for an immediate bang for the business.  Deal was done with us this afternoon, and domain name secured,  Hosting and site live in a few hours, and then wordpress installed and a site to be built from there.  SEO commenced, thus this article reveals its task.

Very soon if you are typing in mobile diesel mechanic Nowra, Shoalhaven Diesel Mechanics, and many other combinations, we hope to have Dave top of the pops, and getting new, non word of mouth enquiry and clients.  I know how hard it is to find a really bloody good heavy diesel mechanic, now there is one more findable on search for Nowra and the Shoalhaven region, Shoalhaven Diesel Services..

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