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Burleigh Heads RSL

Burleigh Heads RSL

New Website & Domain Name for Burleigh Heads RSL

After many years with an overseas provider, and an old platform for their Burleigh Heads RSL website, the committee sought a more economical solution and one that they could self manage.

Burleigh Heads RSLAfter seeing Website Essentials had supported both the Gold Coast District RSL and Hervey Bay Sub Branch, they contacted us and discussed their needs.  Website Essentials was pleased to extend support to the Burleigh Heads RSL via a new domain name, a fully self managed and editable wordpress website and full SEO and redirects on the old site to the new “Aussie” domain.

Burleigh Heads RSL Sub-Branch, which is a local chapter of the Returned & Services League of Australia and Queensland, turned 65 years old on the 3rd January 2004. The Burleigh RSL received it’s charter on the 3rd January 1939. The original ANZAC’s were hard at work in the Burleigh region many years long before that event ever occurred. They were commemorating and organizing ANZAC Day services at least as early as 1935. As testimony to this, an early program dated Wednesday 25th April 1935 for the occasion quotes “And we will remember them”. It is more than likely these memorials commenced earlier than 1935.

Burleigh Heads RSL members have helped keep and maintain a landmark such as the Burleigh Heads RSL Hall viable, not only for the Sub-Branch members, but also for many small groups who use the hall as their meeting place. Most importantly, Burleigh Heads RSL Sub Branch is as active today as it was in 1935, keeping the spirit of the ANZAC’s alive by the hosting of commemorations on those special days of remembrance each year.  Website Essentials is pleased to save the Burleigh Heads RSL Sub Branch a couple of thousand dollars, to put towards their good work…


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