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Neeni Jewellery

What has to be a totally unique jewellery store has commenced to launch and design a new website.  Neeni creative jewelley designs are amazing, and they are all created the old fashioned way, by hand.

Neeni JewelleryNo automatic machine made jewellery pieces here at Neeni, but wait, there is more…

Neeni also hold a mining lease and mine their own precious stones in North Queensland.  Finding amazing gemstones and bringing them back to their South East Queensland manufacturing business.

Neeni truely make a difference.  Imagine being able to order a beautiful new piece of jewellery, and then the miner goes and digs for your very own stone, discovered just for you.

Then, it is carried away and painstakingly turned into a work of art, that is as unique as you, and then, wait, there is more…

Rather than just being able to show your new Neeni piece off, you can then tell the story of how it was sought after, found, created and made, just for you.

It may not be an olden days adventure or Safari in Africa, but in this day and age, its about as close as you will come.

Neeni Jewellery, simply amazing, and they are well on the way to creating their new website essentials site to ensure that more people, just like you find a page on the net and put you in touch for that very, very special Neeni piece.

We are very pleased to be associated with Neeni, they are unique, just like us.



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