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Website Backup

Website Backup

You backup your business, what about your Website Backup

If your business is your website and your website is a part of your business, why not insure it.  Well, you can’t really, but you can.  Let me explain.  First, this is not a website insurance policy, but a website backup product, there are no policies, no monetary payouts, its a backup, protection and re-install service to ensure that when your site is hacked, lost, broken, dies, provider goes out of business and many of the other nasty things that happen to webistes, you can get it back up and online in no time and at no cost.

Via Website Mechanics and Website Repairs we have helped a  lot of business owners get their hacked and malicious code affected sites back on line.

We have also helped many with their google delistings because of these nasties.

We searched the world and found the bits we needed to make a real website backup plan, and have put it together and its now live and working, and all for less than $1 a day.  For the average site that gets destroyed, if you cannot restore it by tradition means, and it does not have a backup (and most hosts dont give you a backup, that’s up to you to do) then it can easily const several thousands of dollars to rebuild the site.

At less than a dollar a day with website backup, this would mean that even after 9 years of backups, you would still be in front financially if you get hacked or have your site destroyed just once in that time.

Here is what you get:

  • Daily Backups – Held online on a separate server
  • Hard Copy of your Backup on USB – upon request
  • WordPress version upgrades as they are needed
  • Plug in upgrades for wordpress as needed
  • and, 15 minutes of our staff time each month for minor amendments and updates

All for just $29.99 payable monthly in advance.  No contracts, direct debit authority only and you have the peace of mind that you need for your business’s most important asset, your website.

Visit Website Backup now and get protected…


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