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Meditation Retreat Gold Coast | Monroe Institute

Meditation Retreat Gold Coast – The Monroe Institute Gateway Voyage


Gold Coast Meditation Retreat Opens!

The Gateway Voyage programme, the heart of the prestigious Monroe Institute, commences 2011 in the northern New South Wales coastal town of Byron Bay.  A quick flight to Coolangatta (Gold Coast Airport) will give you the opportunity to expand, explore and experience other dimensions of Self, the same as in the USA. Experience more of the “real you” and your incredible capabilities aided by the Hemi-Sync® technology at our Meditation Retreats Australia near the  Gold Coast.

Where/When: Byron Bay NSW:         March 4th 10th 2011

Our location will be 45 minutes south of Coolangatta airport (Gold Coast Airport) at Sangsurya, a retreat nestled in the coastal bush land of Byron Bay NSW. The retreat is just for us. The accommodation is twin share with en suites, healthy organic food, heat and air conditioning regulated in each room, private swimming pool and walking paths for your leisure time.

The Gateway Voyage is the heart of the Meditation Retreat Gold Coast residential programmes of the Monroe Institute. It lasts six days and opens the possibility to take other graduate level courses.

The price for this Meditation Retreat Gold Coast includes the course, accommodation and food in a twin bed room, and a special take home CD for further practice. A private room can be booked at an additional price of $250.00 for the 6 days.  Programmes begin on the first day at 6pm and end on the last day after breakfast.

Your guides on this life-changing journey are John Kortum a Monroe Institute residential trainer and Irene Blanck Outreach trainer.

“This is our first Gateway Voyage programme in Australia, but The Monroe Institute have been holding programmes in the USA for over 30 years. I have attended programmes in the USA since 2000 and all have been marvellous experiences.  The connections among group members, extraordinary experiences, far from the madding crowd venue, dedicating a week to yourself in a lovely location where the hosts take great care of us… all are important factors in producing the magical effect of a Gateway Voyage             Gwen Jones”

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