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Husqvarna Motorcycles Australia

Husqvarna Motorcycles Australia – Ride Husqvarna

We are pleased to assist with the design and development of a brand Husqvarna motorcycles Australia new site for bike enthusiasts,  This exciting new site will provide a much needed resource for those that are looking for a street bike with a difference.

Husqvarna Motorcycles AustraliaTypically of Husqvarna, they dont do it the same as everyone else, and they never have, even from the time when I was a boy.  They were famous in the 70’s for the amazing offroad and motocross bikes and now, with the release of this new site, their amazing road bikes will be found by many and admired, no doubt.

With this new bikes for Husqvarna Motorcycles Australia, we see th eTippilen 701.  Its urban through and trough.  Its retro with a powerful single cylinder thumper engine and yet is compact and agile.  The minimalist styling is in between the old cafe racers and more recent rat bikes, but it has the comfort to match a tourer.  Its lightweight and narrow but with intelligent design. Its strong and has all the quality that is synonymous to Husky.

We have been given the job to get this site up and running, working for the brand and found on search asappp.  Soon you can look online on search engines for Husqvarna Motorcycles Australia and other terms and find

See you on the road…

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