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Stephens RSL Sub Branch

Stephens RSL Sub Branch

First Time Online for Stephens RSL Sub Branch.


Stephens RSL Sub Branch is steeped in history.  They have been at Annerley for a very long time and their name reflects  the area that they occupy.  However, it is a new step for them to enter the online world with a website.

stephens rsl sub branchTheir massed history is not online, and very hard to find.  Stephens RSL needed an affordable and self managed website, with training for their volunteers included.  Being a charitable and welfare based organisation, every expense item is one more lot of dollars that they cant use towards helping returned and ex service men and women.

Stephens RSL heard about Website Essentials and their support of other RSL Sub Branches throughout Queensland and approached us for support.  As part of our community service ethic, we were very pleased to support Stephens RSL Sub Branch and absorb the vast majority of costs, and only charge them a very, very small amount, so that the website domain name, hosting, build, training, ongoing assistance and email etc, was a commercial transaction, thus allowing them to leave if ever they felt they wanted to.

Its great to get support from service providers, but Stephens RSL Sub Branch are in the best of both worlds, in that they do not feel obligated to us for their website.  We are just a supporter and a contractor.


Very shortly the Stephens RSL Sub Branch Website will be up and running and assisting this sub branch to fulfil their good work…

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