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Best Australian Marine Fenders

Best Australian Marine Fenders

Australian Jetty Fenders – What to look for in the best Australian Marine Fenders.

If you are looking for the best Australian Marine Fenders you need to consider many things.   These include, quality, local manufacture, longevity, colour fastness, ease of install and removal and most importantly price.

best australian marine fendersThere are many who claim to supply the best Australian Marine Fenders, and many list their websites on front page of search on Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.  But, how do you promote the best Australian Marine Fenders and how do you ensure that your potential clients find your jetty fenders and pontoon fenders.

Australian Jetty Fenders have 22 years experience in the marine fenders and upholstery industry.  5 years ago they developed a revolutionary fender system that revolutionized DIY installs on your pontoon or jetty.

The D-Fender is arguably the best Australian Marine Fenders system.

The D-Fender is made up from 100% waterproof foam which is also a high impact energy foam with a memory. It will always return to its original shape. It is guaranteed never to SAG or get water logged, therefore, it will not drag down your pontoon.

The D-fender’s unique D-shape profile minimizes on bulk but no means compromises on strength. It has been one of the best selling features as not only does the D-fender protect the boat from damage it also looks attractive and discreet. In particular, marinas find this feature very appealing.

Australian Jetty Fenders offer the following attributes in their best Australian marine fenders:

  • Straight Marine Fenders
  • Straight marine fenders with returns & true mitered corners (one piece fender)
  • All marine fender angles obtainable
  • Hydrolifts, available in blue, black or grey
  • 12 month unconditional warranty
  • Prompt service
  • Professional Marine Fenders installation or DIY
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction.

Australian Jetty Fenders is all about quality and customer service with their best Australian marine fenders.  Over the years, many have tried to copy their system, and have produced clones of this amazing marine fenders product, but, they have failed to address the quality and innovation of the original.  Australian Jetty Fenders needed a website that not only showcased their products and looked great, but they needed it to rank on relevant search terms such as Best Australian Marine Fenders and many others.   Who did they choose?  Simple really, Website Essentials…

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