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I love it when I have to write about something new, just like Ipromea

This new site for Ipromea is still under construction, and whilst I cannot tell you what its all about just yet, let me say that to be a part of a brand new brand name and a revolutionary range of products, is very rare and very exciting.

I remember seeing Hot Goanna, then Website Essentials be born and grow over time, just like Ipromea will.  This new idea was born as a real need was identified in the market.  Something it is expected that a huge percentage of a certain group in the population will want and need and find irreplaceable. Ipromea is coming, it won’t be long and you almost read about it here first.

As soon as I have a logo and some info I can share, I will update this post.  In the meantime, Google Ipromea and watch…

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