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Gold Coast Personal Trainer

Gold Coast Personal Trainer

How to kick start a career as a Gold Coast Personal Trainer.

gold coast personal trainerKell Tull decided a long time ago to pursue a career as a Gold Coast Personal Trainer.  He left school and became a regular at his local gym.  He kept up a very regular routine and this with a healthy lifestyle took him down the path to gain employment in the fitness industry.  With his courses complete and under his belt, he then was taken on board at Empire Fitness to learn the ropes in the hope of becoming an employee of the gym.

At the same time, it was decided to grow an online presence for his proposed business as a Gold Coast personal trainer.  With the fitness industry growing at a massive rate, was there room for one more Gold Coast personal trainer online and on Google.  We thought there was.

Many Gold Coast personal trainer websites are completely unfindable in search, as the face of Google has changed dramatically in the past few months.  Website Essentials took on the task of getting Kell found and getting him some personal training work, direct with clients so he could grow his business.  Kell Tull needed a great site, great SEO, places on Google and Facebook.  Bringing this all together is the key, just like his personal training plans, they are the key to getting yourself fit and healthy.  Just one bit is great, but when you bring a plan together, the many parts work together.

Website Essentials is looking forward to helping Kell grow his Gold Coast Personal Training business and career and you never know, we may even do a bit on contra, as the writer could afford to loose a few kilos and get a bit fitter for next years ARL Masters competition…


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