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Southport RSL Sub Branch

Southport RSL Sub Branch

First Dedicated Website in Southport RSL Sub Branch’s history.

southport rsl sub branch, courtesy of RSL Sub Branch was bought kicking and screaming into the 21st Century on the good graces of the Southport RSL Memorial Club.  The Sub Branch was given a nice presence by the club on their own website.  Being the entertainment capital of Southport and the northern end of the Gold Coast, this was certainly appreciated, however, with the coming of more and more members on email, and the need to get instant communications and move away from expensive stamps, it was time for the Southport RSL Sub Branch to jump out on their own.

They have joined the growing list of Queensland Sub Branches that have taken advantage of a $1 per annum website.  This charitable work allows them to take charge of their own news and member contact and as well, gets them the ability to store some of the wonderful artefacts and books that they have, and share them with the whole world, not just those that visit the Club.

With Southport RSL Sub Branch having their own email address already, and an existing excellent name (ie. it was sensible to simply add a sub domain and give the Sub Branch a new wordpress site, based on the very popular and previously successful “Sub Branch Theme”.  An install, a bit of tinkering and away it went.   See it here at 

Then it was just the training and population.  Already they are sharing recent events, funeral services, news and offers and meetings and minutes.  Everything a thriving Sub Branch could need in a website really.  Website Essentials is very proud to support yet another Sub Branch, and we look forward to helping Southport RSL Sub Branch for many years to come.


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