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Kokoda Trekking Chose Website Essentials for their vital SEO for their online travel company.

kokoda-trekkingKokoda Trekking has been an industry leader in guided Kokoda Treks for many years. As a family run Australian business, they are justly proud of their tours and of course their long history in getting trekkers through the arduous and rewarding Kokoda Trail. Kokoda Trekking has exploded in recent years, with the newly re-found pride in our wartime heritage, stemming from the huge increase in crowds and participants in Anzac Day.

This new found spirit of Australia has seen Kokoda Trekking as being a “must do” for many Australian’s to remember the sacrifices of those magnificent WWII diggers in PNG, a journey of sould searching and for vast numbers, one item for the bucket list.

With this explosion of Kokoda Trekking, there has been an explosion of providers for the Kokoda Trail.  Kokoda Trekking had used their family resources exceptionally well over many years, but were faced with having to compete with companies with far greater resources on Google Search for their PNG guided tours of the track.

Kokoda Trekking Website Essentials to provide their SEO services, mainly because Website Essentials offers cross vertical services that compliment the search engine optimisation of the Kokoda Trekking website.  Update of the design based on current screen resolutions in Australia, plus vastly improved inquiry attributes and a full statistics and reporting audit will ensure that they get the maximum advantage for the SEO work on the site.

Ongoing training for their staff to allow them to provide their own SEO services for Kokoda Trekking, as they continue to grow this popular, safe and reputable service, will ensure that they take control of their front page listings on search, and allow more Australians to choose Kokoda Trekking as their travel provider.

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