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Wedding Photographer Gold Coast

Need to vastly improve your Wedding Photographer Gold Coast website?

wedding-photographer-gold-coastBeautiful Photos by an outstanding Wedding Photographer Gold Coast, and the only thing that was letting this business down was its website.

Another example of a size-able investment in a website that just didn’t do what it was supposed to do, apart from look good.  This wedding photographer Gold Coastsite looked fine, but was expensive to host, very difficult to update, and was broken in parts.  Also, it refused to rank on front page of search for wedding photographer Gold Coast and other vital searches by potential clients.  Then, when some determined types did find it on Google, Bing or Yahoo, the sales ability of the site to generate leads from people needing a wedding photographer Gold Coast, just didn’t happen.

Alan, who runs this wedding photographer Gold Coast business is a tireless volunteer worker, and a passionate and talented photographer.  All he needed was his site, Alan Johnson Photography to be as talented and passionate as he is, and as his web site’s ultimate customer, to make him as happy as he makes his wedding photographer Gold Coast clients are with his photos.

Website essentials was chosen after displaying their performance with a club that Alan is involved with.  The existing site was moved and refined.  The errors and shortcomings were fixed and shortly the site will be turned into a fully self editing site, so Alan can update and amend the entire site himself.

Very shortly, this wedding photographer Gold Coast site, will be worth the money that was initially paid for it.  Keep watching front page on search for Alan Johnson Photography, its coming to a search screen near you… look for

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