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Albion Park RSL Sub Branch

Albion Park RSL Sub Branch

New Website & Hosting & Emails for Albion Park RSL Sub Branch.

Albion Park RSL Sub Branch meets monthly in the Albion Park Memorial Club in Shell Harbour.  This great group of Ex Service types wished to have their own internet presence and at a price that the Sub Branch could afford, so as not to waste their precious funds that should be going towards support of Veterans, fellowship and welfare.


They found Website Essentials Community Benefit Plan online and made their approach.  We were very proud to be asked to assist them to purchase and set up a fully working and fully maintained website, including email and tech support monthly, together will full training for $1 per annum.

Beau and the team at Albion Park RSL Sub Branch will shortly be able to reach far wider than they have to find new members, and to also keep their existing members and supporters much more engaged.  Once the site is completed, it will allow them to easily convey all that is happening in the Sub Branch and allow them to control and manage communications for the committee with their own dedicated email addresses.

We look forward to assisting Albion Park RSL Sub Branch to build their online legacy and history.

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