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Oasis Laundry Equipment

Oasis Laundry Equipment in Australia

A new site for a new distributor Australia wide for the Oasis range of Laundry Equipment.


Coming soon an exciting new rage of Oasis Laundry Equipment.  This tried and proven rage of heavy duty, commercial and industrial machines includes heavy duty washer extractors, commercial washer extractors and a stack washer.  They also manufacture tumble dryers, dry cleaning machines, and a multi solvent dry cleaning machine.

They have a large range of finishing equipment and even a degreasing machine for animal skins.  The recent appointment of a quality Aussie distributor for their equipment meant a new website for the Australian market.  Taking best practice, and providing all the correct website essentials for good foundations and great growth, meant an easy to use CMS, excellent and simple responsive design and great organic rankings and enquiry processes.

We are busy setting up this new site and we look forward to the launch of Oasis Laundry Equipments new site, and their journey online to become a principal player in commercial and industrial laundry equipment supply in Australia, and other parts of the world.


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