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WordPress Hosting Australia

WordPress Hosting Australia

WordPress Hosting Just Went to a New Level in Australia – Just WordPress Hosting.

A new year and a new site and a new business venture for Clicks and Clicks.  Just WordPress Hosting came about to ensure that the massive, and ever growing market share of WordPress sites had a dedicated and custom tailored solution to ensure WordPress sites perform better.

wordpress hosting australia

Not only is it based in Australia, for Australian sites, its also packed with features as standard, that many other WordPress Hosts just dont supply, or add on as expensive extras.

The vast experience of the team at Clicks and Clicks have developed a super strong hosting environment for WordPress.  It uses a front end protection service for wordpress, a server side security service, as well as a server side backup service and is designed to be the way WordPress wants it to be.  On top of this, Just WordPress Hosting also provides a 90 day rolling remote cloud backup service on top of all the other features, which means that a destroyed site or hack can be replaced by a working copy of the site prior to the hack in under 15 minutes generally.

Then, on top of this, Just WordPress Hosting also provides 15 minutes per month of real live tech support, plus a 24 hour data centre emergency phone solution, on top of the usual Mon to Fri daily business hours phone and email support.

Whilst the WordPress Hosting solution is not the cheapest, if you want peace of mind, and the ability to ensure your business online stays secure and works, then it is in my opinion, money well spent.  We enjoyed building this simple site in wordpress for them, and carrying out initial SEO and google tools.  Look for them on search for WordPress Hosting Australia and you can be sure you are making the right choice…

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