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Build Sure Australia

What better name to trust than Build Sure Australia?

A long established company sought advice and expanded its brand name from Buildsure Qld, to Build Sure Australia.

BuildSure is an award-winning construction company that specialises in the completion of insurance repairs, general repairs, and new builds for residential, multi-residential, body corporate, commercial, industrial and rural buildings in Queensland and New South Wales and is expanding, thus, this new brand was researched by an award winning marketing company and they launched their new website this week.

Website Essentials was chosen to help the new site and brand be found on search and to be compliant with the wishes of the search engines.  These days, as we all know, visibility on search is a basic, but large element in the success of any venture, and invisibility simply means loss of eyeballs.  And, eyeballs are typically clients or supporters.


To this end we set about setting up the essentials for their new Joomla site and to then work towards the homogenisation of the two sites in due course.  A plan was put in place and the required steps, work, and timeline was gazetted.

As Buildsure Australia says, “With many years’ experience in building and construction, our team is trusted to repair and build property to a level that meets the exacting standards of insurance companies and their customers.” We apply exactly the same with our experience to ensure our team and work is trusted to perform at a level that meets the Google exacting standards.

We look forward to offering Build Sure a comprehensive web health reporting and compliant notification system, to allow them to ensure that all their future work and direction, are productive, trackable and of course, most importantly, found on Google and Bing almost as soon as they are written.

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