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Balcony Garden

Garden Kit – Balcony Garden for every Balcony

balcony garden After many years of trying to buy the perfect garden and balcony garden, the owners of Garden Kit designed their own.  Now its almost a household term. Garden Kit have unique and decorative, and most importantly, really successful and beautiful flower and balcony garden kits. Balcony Garden kits from Gardenkit offers the convenience and simplicity of growing your own garden, with either a choice of seeds and pots, or, through one of their pre designed balcony garden kits. However, it doesn’t stop there.  With a full rane of seeds, herb kits, flower kits, pre designed kits, vegetable kits and more, they are the one stop shop online to get you gardening, even in hi rise apartments. Garden Kit had a great site and needed more exposure online.  They were introduced to Website Essentials, and immediately took advantage of a solid plan to get their site found by more shoppers online on search on Google and Bing.  With comprehensive reporting, including 24/7 online performance reports, we were easily able to get them improvements from day one.  When you have great products, and excellent content at great prices, all you really need to do is tick all the boxes to ensure you get growth. Of course the final decision is up to the search engines for where you rank on terms like balcony garden, but you can still tempt them to like you more than your competitors. If you are looking online for a quality garden of almost any type, then type in garden kit and you will be glad you did…

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