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The Buckland – Bed and Breakfast Bright

It isnt often that you get a hide away to work on.  It is even rarer to find one like this bed and breakfast Bright.  The Buckland.  Wow.  Great website, stunning images, amazing scenery and just a little bit of SEO and tidy up to do.

bed and breakfast brightThe Buckland is a world unto itself – a place to leave your daily life behind and be yourself again. Arriving at The Buckland, guests give themselves over to the encompassing quiet of the deep forest, rediscovering the present moment in the grandiloquent alpine views.  Hidden in the hills near Moutn Buffalo National Park, this bed and breakfast Bright is renowed locally as the perfect luxury retreat and romantic getaway.  The job we have with them, is to not have them hidden on search.

The Buckland is typical of many clients we see, a wonderful new website that inadvertantly hurt there previous rankings on terms such as bed and breakfast Bright, luxury accommodatin Bright etc.

With this in mind your host Sabine engaged us on referral from the Hosted Accommodation Australia association.  Our intial investigations revealed a solid 6 months of work to get The Buckland back up on Google and Bing for their valuable search terms like Bed and Breakfast Bright.  We laid out a concise plan of each step each month that we believed would assist them and offered a monthly plan to make it affordable.

Very soon, we hope to make this hidden bed and breakfast Bright, not so hidden on search engines, thus delivering them the new clients that do not know them to their website and to one of their wonderful studios in the sky.   If you are looking for an amazing getaway, then look no further than The Buckland.  You will be glad you did…


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