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Internet Marketing for Manufacturers

Internet Marketing for Manufacturers

Tropical Lifestyle – A case study on Internet Marketing for Manufacturers

internet-marketing-for-manuTropical lifestyle is the leading manufacturer of Bali Huts and Gazebos in Australia, without doubt.  Matt grew this massive retail and manufacturing operation in a very hands on way.  As with most growth companies, at some stage he had to relinquish his very good efforts at Internet Marketing for Manufactures and seek professional assistance.

Fortunately, Matt found Website Essentials and Clicks and Clicks.  Google Adwords is not for the faint hearted.  And, sadly most self managed campaigns are well below their best performance.   Many self Internet Marketing for Manufacturers types focus wholely on Adwords and forget to look at the real sales ability of their campaigns, their website.

Tropical Lifestyle was typical.  Their campaign was price driven and the conversion rate of their site was accepted as good, when in fact, it was far from the case.  This is the single biggest issue when you are looking for internet marketing for manufacturers providers.  For that matter, for any industry.  Simply managed adwords is not enough.   If your conversion rate is below 20% then you will never compete with your competition.

First steps with the bringing together of tropical lifestyle’s internet marketing for manufacturers, was to get their adwords campaigns sorted and of course 2010 compliant.  Is there such a thing?  Yep…   Then with accurate positional performance and very accurate geographic performance set up, brand by brand, product by product, we immediatly doubled their quality scores.   We then reduced their average cost per click by as much as 50% and knowing exactly what their customers were after, we set about getting the absolute best CTR possible.   Then we dumped the rubbish.

Once this part of this internet marketing for manufactures was complete, we were able to show Matt the path to on page conversion success.  How?   We have done it for years, and it works.  Build it and they will come (Sorry Kevin Costner) But it true.  The happy ending to this story about internet marketing for manufacturers is that the client will never go back to managing his own adwords again, why?  Because he has learnt that just because you can drive a car, doesn’t mean you will win at Bathurst…

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