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Carbon Neutral Website Design

Carbon Neutral Website Design

Looking for Carbon Neutral Website Design in Australia

Website Essentials got on the wagon early.  Our Carbon Neutral Website Design is fair dinkum and ratified by Carbon Neutral.

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We carried out the full study online at Carbon Neutral to work our out footprint to ensure we could claim to be a Carbon Neutral Website Design company.  Whilst the process was not onerous, it is easy to be cheap and under estimate what you do as a business.  To achieve Carbon Neutral Website Design, we started with the usuals…  However, we drilled down further to ensure we really were a carbon neutral website design company.

We took into account all our web servers , and their load each year per site.  We then took into account our travel for work, and our staff and contractors travel.  We then calculated each remote staff or contractors energy use to achieve their weekly work load to make sure we ticked all the boxes for carbon neutral website design.

Finally, we calculated exactly how much office consumables, how many screens and computers, how many phone calls and our broadband providers and then rolled it all together as one unit to get an accurate picture of what our footprint was and how much offset we needed to purchase to achieve carbon neutral website design.

Then we went looking for a reputable and stable carbon neutral provider and Carbon Neutral was a stand out.  A simple online process, payment options and they even keep you informed during each year of carbon neutral website design requirements and send an eco friendly Christmas Card.

So, if you are serious about making your website carbon neutral to help the planet where you can, then choose Website Essentials, a real Carbon Neutral Website Design Company.  Carbon Neutral Websites from the Phillipines to Phillip Island, from Magnetic Island to Manly and from our carbon neutral company to you…

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