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Tax Accountants Cleveland

Tax Accountants Cleveland – Magnus Group

Search for tax accountants Cleveland.  Its one of those still remaining and interesting Americanisations on Google.  If you are located in Queensland, you get a strange mix of ads and organic search for Australia, but the map can often show Cleveland Ohio.

tax accountants cleveland

Google still suffers to distinguish between “their” home town names and ours.  This is particularly frustrating when Google relies heavily on broad match reporting, thus many for campaigns in Brisbane would  removed this as a possible keyword.  But, what happens if you really are a Tax Accountant and are based in Cleveland in Brisbane.

Magnus Group came to us with aspirations of growing their business online after a long and successful trial on another medium.  This medium bought focus on their organic listings and content strategy on their website.   They came to Website Essentials.

We went through the research and check lists and found where they were lacking, not only with the website build and system, but the content and content growth strategy.  Then we considered their places and maps listings and the draw cards that their geographic presence required to be supported.  This was put into an initial plan to get them started, tracked, reported on and ranking.

With an ambitious target to achieve in the short term, such as ranking for Tax Accountants Cleveland, the job was commenced.  Magnus Group are a pleasure to work for and with, factual, no fluff, to the point and supportive.  If this is any indication of how they treat their own clients (we are just contractors after all) then every visit they get from tax accountants Cleveland and every other term, will really enjoy their relationship with Magnus.

Its great to help nice people help others, and to do it by winning the “little war” on search on Google, makes it even sweeter.

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