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Rowan and his team of Gold Coast funeral directors have been carrying on the very good work of the original owners of Integrity Funerals since Russell Firth retired in 2002.  Building the reputation of the business via the new brand “Integrity Funerals”.  Their expertise and service is second to none, but with changes in time, all business needs to adapt to changing trends.  Rowan found Website Essentials and enlisted them to assist to grow his business via the online and digital marketing field.  The great strengths of Integrity Funerals on the Gold Coast meant that the brand was well supported, but canvassing for public engagement met with the myriad of providers, both international, national brands and local operators.

Finding the point of difference for Integrity was easy, then it was just the right vehicles to move them to front page of search and forefront of peoples minds via an effective website and a smart online marketing plan.  This has already started to come together to already grow their business and enquiry.

The transformation of the website and its very good information is underway and the ability to engage visitors being found from front page on search, is the key.  The continued conversion optimisation process will not only allow Integrity to find more clients, but will also allow many more Gold Coasters looking to find and choose a funeral plan or arrange a funeral, to find an amazing, caring team of professionals.  I know, I have worked with them many times and they are wonderful.

If you are looking for Gold Coast Funeral Directors, now all you have to do is go to page one on Google and choose Integrity Funerals, you will be glad you did.

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