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Sandown Air Race

Sandown Air Race

Just over a month to go till the sandown air race.

As a little community service task, we were asked to assist with the launch of the new site for the Sandown air race.  I was amazed.  The first task with a new site to get it found on search, is of course to read the content of the site and evaluate both the content and also the potential keyword rankings to aim for.

sandown air race

I never knew a great deal about model competitions, and after reading this site, I was amazed.  I never knew model planes came in so many different sizes, competed in so many different races and that is not even considering the cars, racecars, dragsters, boats, even submarines?

What an event this is going to be on January 11th 2015 when the Sandown Air Race blasts off.  As part of the MAAA, which we previously helped as a partial community service program, I particularly was excited to be a part of this, just for the read..

Anyway, back to the task.  First job was to set up the Website Essentials on this site, and then, get it found and fully indexed on its name term, ie Sandown Air Race.  Then we could start to tweak and align the internal content (and there is a lot) to get more traction on the individual events and competitions.

Maria and the team at Sustainable Marketing have done a great job on this new site launch.  The appearance and information that it contains is very comprehensive and we look forward to a quick result so that the MAAA can get the crowd to find them online.  And a crowd it should be for this amazing event.  Google F1 Air Race Sandown or Sandown Air Race and see if we have been able to get this quick job done for them..

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