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Best Australian Web Hosting

Best Australian Web Hosting

Netports – The Best Australian Web Hosting platform.

How can I make this statement about Netports being the Best Australian Web Hosting Company?   Its easy.  I have used heaps of webhosts over the past 10 to 15 years.  I remember starting out with Homestead in the US, then moving to a real multi site host in Canada, then moved to the USA and then to a local guy in Melbourne, then onto TPP internet and Net Registry and then finally, when I started Website Essentials and we started building some serious websites in large numbers, I had to find a host that provided it all, PLUS, real 24/7 competent and open ended advice and personal service.

Best Australian Web Hosting Company
Best Australian Web Hosting Company

Who did we choose?  Netports.  Peter and the team at Netports really are the Best Australian Web Hosting company.  Their servers are based in Brisbane, and even in the terrible floods of 2011 they stayed dry, and full emergency power was maintained for days and days, whereas other data centers expired and thousands of websites fell off the internet.

This situation was so bad that there were offers from Melbourne IT for free webpages to get people through the emergency.  Did any of our hundreds of website clients need it?  Nope.

Also, to support the claim of Best Australian Web Hosting Company, over the past 18 months since we have moved almost all of our hosting to Netports, we have had absolutely ZERO outage.

We are so confident that Netports are the best Australian web hosting solution that we actually refer large clients to them to take up their own server slices with dedicated name servers.  Usually for a business like ours, most claim they are their own web host, but of course this is not the case.  We are open in the fact that we rely on the expertise and experience of the best Australian web hosting platform, Netports to keep our terrific clients online and live.

The personal service, pricing, reliability and after hours support has ensured that we and our clients at Website Essentials are COMPLETELY satisfied with Netports and vote them the Best Australian Web Hosting Company

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