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Chemical Spill Kit

Chemical Spill Kit

Google Hates Chemical Spill Kit suppliers..

Well, probably not really, but this is a good example of the latest revision.  Before last month if you searched for chemical spill kit or chemical spill kit suppliers, there were a range of high quality, well know national suppliers that offered both good online information, direct sales via shopping carts for products in the chemical spill kit area, and real live business locations for a phone call to get the right advice on the spill kit you needed.

chemical-spill-kitNow, well, lets just say it has changed a lot.  Eco Spill, who have been around for donkeys years, suddenly found that Google hated them by the look, as their ranking for chemical spill kit and a few other terms went invisible on Google, but still ranked really well for Bing.

They were referred to us by a long time associate and we took on the very urgent timeline they set.  As with many who have been afflicted, chemical spill kit was just one of the terms that needed a new and fresh approach.  They had been using a reputable SEO company previously, and whilst there were some interesting links to the site, the Website Essentials had not been addressed.

We set about reworking the site and content and carrying out what still works on Google to get them tracking in the right direction.  A simultaneous revision of their adwords would also allow us to segment our results and strategy for chemical spill kit on Google search, and break it down to geographic regions.  The task to get them the traffic they need for chemical spill kit amongst other terms is underway, and according to Google now, its a mixed bag using both SEO and PPC to achieve the required visitors, enquiries and sales for chemical spill kit suppliers like Eco Spill…


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