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Lost for Words?  The Word Place…

Writing your own copy or content, or articles, or website offers is not for the faint hearted.   Professional writing is what The Word Place does.

Professionally written pieces and public relations will increase the credibility of your business and attract clients.  It can highlight your strengths and make you stand out from your competition.  You need deeds, pictures and words to create the winning impression, and that impression makes you money.  It’s called why choose your business, from your clients point of view… Word Place is driven by Emma, who is Principal Consultant at The Word Place.  Emma Parnell is a media specialist. She’s worked for a number of Cabinet Ministers across portfolios spanning from Education, Child Safety and Sport to Sustainability and Climate Change.

Emma states that “With your organisational knowledge and our insights into public relations and writing we’ll make a great team. We don’t just make sure every dollar counts in your communications planning; we also work to complement your internal capabilities – working closely with your key staff – so that you get the best return on your investment.

We provide a personal service and fearless advice, taking care of your writing and public relations needs, so that way you can you focus on what you do best. Anybody can type – but The Word Place crafts messages to help your business reach its potential.”

With The Word Place, you get absolute expert attention, outstanding performance and modest rates.  Plus their easy to understand process, its clear what you get and you will love working with Emma and the team.  When Emma built her new site for The Word Place, she turned to Website Essentials to assist her getting her site found and turning her great words into rankings.  That’s what we do and this is one client I can vouch for and highly recommend when you find them on search for terms like professional writers, copywriters and many more…

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