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Click On Car Loans launches their new online car finance Gold Coast website.  We are very happy to assist them.


online car finance Gold Coast

What started out as a chat between the founders, based on their experiences with car purchases and finances, and the many issues, dramas and pitfalls of getting a new vehicle from existing finance providers, turned into a new company and a new website.  They wanted to make a traditionally taxing and sometimes painful exercise more simpler, easier to understand, safe and of course with an aim of getting others into the vehicle they need.  Their conversation about online car finance moved to all of the parts and services that could also be provided as part of a one stop shop.

This included selling a car, buying a car, finance, warranties and of course insurance.  Together they vowed to have a company where every clients experience was optimised and simple.  Then they developed a very streamlined online car finance Gold Coast site and process, including a very fast online quote facility.

Ready to enter the market, they wanted to make sure that their good work was maximised and they approached Website Essentials to give their new site the very best start online on search.  We went to work to ensure it was Google and search engine friendly and made sure that they were put on the path to be found in their market, for search terms such as Online Car Finance Gold Coast and others.

This was an interesting exercise for me personally, as I had used many car finance companies in the past.  Whilst reading their site to compile meta data, I actually clicked with their own corporate message.  Finance shouldn’t be complex or difficult, it should be a customer focused transaction, with less stress and more successful outcomes for the client.  I think I will give them a go on my next purchase…

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