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Salvation Army Christmas Support

Salvation Army Christmas Support

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We are pleased to announce that this year, we offered all of a clients a 4% reduction (net) in their ongoing invoices from December 2011 through to the end of 2012.

We also offered them the chance to keep the savings for the rest of the year, or join with us and support the Salvation Army with their massive work in actively supporting the poor, homeless, needy and those who are without cheer at this time of year, and from all accounts, it is a very big list.

We are pleased to say that NOT ONE SINGLE CLIENT refused and as a result, we have sent a cheque to the Salvation Army (Gold Coast) today for $1,000 which is the sum of our clients invoice sacrifice for December and Website Essentials topped it up.

Patrick Walsh, the Public Relations Director at the Salvos on the Gold Coast will be issuing receipts in our clients name for their donations and we will forward these on when we get them.

As a company, it is  a good sign to be  a good citizen, and support those that are in need.  To be a company that has 100% participation rate from its clients to the same cause, is both a testimonial that we have chosen our clients well, and that our clients have their heart in the right place.

WE are very proud to be associated with these wonderful companies as our customers, and their generosity is, I think, the true spirit of Christmas.

There are some ladies at a particular refuge who are experiencing the worst time of their lives with their children with them this Christmas.  Last year the Salvos had enough money for a present for the kids.

Some of the local Salvation Army programs are here…  salvation-army This year thanks to you, they will have enough to buy a little something for the mums, and hopefully put a smile on their face, and all from someone they have never met.

Merry Xmas to all…

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