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Magnetic Island Accommodation

Magnetic Island Accommodation

Island Palms is your perfect Magnetic Island Accommodation

If you are considering a budget island holiday, yet want a really wonderful experience, try Island Palms Magnetic Island Accommodation.  Many travel writers don’t even visit the destination when they post on the net.  I have been there every year since 2000 and I still love it.

magnetic island accommodationMagnetic Island and Island Palms Resort feel like old friends, or even home, every time you come back to your Magnetic Island accommodation. You have that very friendly and comfortable feeling that you know the place well and you know what to expect.  There are always new little surprises on Maggie, but it feels like you have just been away for a weekend and are coming home…

Island Palms is 30 and doesn’t look a day over 5.  This Magnetic Island accommodation has been kept up to date and kept beautifully.  Nothing is overlooked.  From the amazingly well equipped full kitchens and laundries (first thing my wife always does is put a wash on as soon as we walk in the door) to the Flat Screen TV’s, wireless internet, rental cars, and full time multi award winning resort staff, this place has not fallen behind in the holiday stakes.

There has been an explosion of units on the new Nelly Bay harbour and they have certainly brightened up the Island, but Island Palms still leads the way with an overall holiday and comfort experience in my book. You just should not go past this Magnetic Island accommodation for size, comfort, peace, privacy and price.

When next you visit Maggie, regardless of where you stay, go down to Warboys Street or The Esplanade and ask to have a look around.  They may not have a room to show you as they run in the high 90% occupancy, but you will get a great idea of where I think you should stay next time.   Magnetic Island Accommodation at its best, for 30 years! Keep an eye out for our 3oth Birthday Party in 2014 at Island Palms.


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