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Gilston Advancetown Rural Fire Brigade

Gilston Advancetown Rural Fire Brigade has a new website.

On the back of very successful facebook, Gilston Advancetown Rural Fire Brigade needed to cover off search.  Thus Website Essentials was pleased to provide them with the tools they needed to get found in their community.

garfbtrucks was purchased, hosted, site made live, google tools including Google My Business set up and email addresses created.  Then it was off to get all the required settings for a new site to rank on the top of various directories and services that had them listed, to simplify the committees workload in keeping accurate and helpful data at the top of search.

Being the brigade that covers all of Hinze Dam, and surround hinterland adjacent to Highland Park and Nerang, the amount of fire permits that are requested needed to be simplified to assist the Fire Warden.  Also, recruitment was a priority, as even with a great facebook page, finding those potential recruits on search was a different ball game. will now allow Gilston Advancetown RFB to grow their business “so to speak” on search and give them the long term, stable and supported platform that every good community safety and service organisation deserves.

Website Essentials is very proud to assist this excellent group of men and women that put service before self.


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