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Spirit Boards

What are Spirit Boards?

They are bit like ouija boards but spirit boards have different facets and different callings.

Designed and produced by an eminent artist on the Gold Coast of Australia their High Quality Spirit Boards TM are shipped around the world.

These unique Spirit Boards are produced on a premium grade environmentally friendly board. Lightweight and easy to handle the Spiritboards have an exceptionally smooth surface, whilst their unique designs convey high quality and luxury, that feels as good as it looks. Each board comes with a beautiful illustrated guide.

We were asked to assist with the business going online on its own domain name which has been successfully trademarked, Being tasked to compile a full online presence, shopping cart site, marketing and of course search engine relations, we set about helping Spirit Boards move towards a successful and timely launch on search.  As the site is built and grows with information, Google and Bing will be contacted daily to ensure this new site breaks the front page of search for its products.

Then, as part of Spirit Boards marketing plan, other facets of the site will be developed and registered to ensure smooth growth and accurate and timely reporting, and thus constant improvement can be achieved.  This is certainly one of the more interesting jobs we have had lately, and like other new jobs, we have been on a learning curve about Spirit and Angel Boards.  Revisiting our youth to speak with the old Ouija Boards that we played with as young adults.  We look forward to a long and happy relationship with Spirit Boards, and we might have to buy one to see if this is really going to happen in the future.

Visit the site and browse the selection of Spirit Boards or Angel Boards. May love and light lead your way.


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