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Zakazukha –  Top PR Agency Gold Coast

Over the past 2 decades I have worked for many very good Marketing and PR Agencies, but, this PR Agency Gold Coast is a stand out.

From their unique brand, their logo, their content, their office and its decore and its team and its work.  It’s very very diffferent and very, very good.

We have been engaged to augment their very broad and talented team and are thoroughly enjoying being part of the team on a regular basis.  The breadth of  experience in this PR Agency Gold Coast is very broad.  Working for them with their clients is very rewarding and having insight into how a PR Agency on the Gold Coast works, we find we are more valuable to our own clients.

The energy, creative meetings and workflow in Zakazukha is very enjoyable, and reminds me of the old addage.  If you love your work, its not work…

We bring our small range of experience to the PR Agency Gold Coast to further expand their reach to attract new clients to experience their skills and performance.  We are looking forward to getting them more happy, long term clients.

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