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We always enjoy helping a brand new business start the right way online.  Vivian Shop is a passion for its owner.  With many years of retail experience the owner of Vivian Shop has decided to launch Vivian Shop to the internet.

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They didnt need to travel far to get great advice and direction on how to make their store a winner before it was even built.  Their brand decision was made as Vivian Shop and then it was up to the Website Essentials to be applied.  This meant the full search engine registration process, reliable tracking and statistics, and then a great Australian based hosting platform for a wordpress shopping cart site.

This site needed to be able to take the most advanced payment and delivery modules and methods as well as looking good, have a great UX and UI and fully responsive over all devices.  SSL was a must have and then it was just down to design and growing its presence on search.

Sounds simple really, but these days with so many “DIY” and free platforms that may be self satisfying, Vivian Shop was educated to get the best from their choice and they chose us.  We look forward to sharing more with you on the success of Vivian Shop and its products as the site populates and enters the online marketplace.

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