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Fitness Services

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Fitness Services are a fitness and health services provider operating from the sunny Gold Coast in the Isle of Capri. Fitness Services strive to provide the highest quality service possible and help you to discover your personal Fitness Servicesbest in health. Founded in 2010 by Jeff Steinmuller, E&E already possesses an extensive portfolio of satisfied clients. Fitness Services had already started to build their website when their developer ran away…..  It does happen and it happened to Jeff.  Luckily, he found Website Essentials and quickly found out that design is just part of what was needed for Fitness Services.

With highly capable staff with decades of fitness expertise and wisdom between them, you’re guaranteed to reach your full fitness potential. For more information, or to get started, give them a call (0451 079 414) or email them at enquiries at today. Fitness Services new website design and platform is underway, based on the Website Essentials and Jeff looks forward to finding more clients and traffic on front page for relevant keywords from their new site.  Their point of difference as they say below, is quality.  Just the same as their new website….


Quality Standards IMPORTANT

We look to uphold the standards and follow the protocols of all authorizing bodies associated with your training. Quality equipment will be used and they will come with trainers who are highly qualified in their specific fields. This site is your guide to all you need to know to get started. So give us a call, you won’t be disappointed.

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