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Gold Coast Theme Parks

Gold Coast Theme Parks

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – the family favourite of Gold Coast Theme Parks

Too long since you and the family reconnected for a day of quality enjoyment? Don’t wait for the kids to get any older! Come along for a memorable experience much better than the other Gold Coast Theme Parks.

Do you remember the last time you cuddled a koala amidst the pungent eucalypti? How about marauding rainbow lorikeets  balancing on your hat as they try to get pole position in the feeding dish you’re holding? These and more are timeless favourites at the longest open of the Gold Coast Theme Parks. And it’s not just the adorable, the cheeky or the friendly members of the extended Aussie fauna family that we’re famous for. The Tasmanian Devil is under threat and we do ground breaking work toward bringing numbers of this unique species back to balance one day. Then there are our ancient, slithery friends in the reptile family. Hungry crocodiles, sleek snakes  and lounging lizards. They make up an important part of the ecological cycle and we need to look after them as well – even if they look a bit scary on the outside!

Our visitors from across Australia and around the world tell us their interaction with the Australian fauna and viewing the exceptional conservation work done by the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation was unforgettable, compared with the white-knuckle experience of many Gold Coast Theme Parks.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is not just about animals either. You may take “The Green Challenge” – the newest nature-based adventure at any of the Gold Coast Theme Parks. It is a total of 65 challenges, spread over four separate courses. You’ll weave their way through the rainforest and eucalypt canopy, making your way higher in this spectacular, natural setting. You can also join in one of our segway safaris or experience ‘Yanguwah’ – an evening of indigenous culture and entertainment.

Gold Coast Theme Parks
Fun at Gold Coast Theme Parks

You may choose to book tickets online and save 10%. They’re valid for a full 12 months and emailed instantly as you complete your booking for Gold Coast Theme Parks tickets at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

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