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Australian Female Motivational Speakers

Australian female motivational speakers

Looking for great Australian female motivational speakers


Look no further.  Rosie Pekar is one of the absolute top Australian Female Motivational Speakers!   When I first met Rosie, I was immediately impressed with her vast experience, amazing delivery, and real warmth.  You know how some speakers talk at you rather than to you?

Rosie is stimulating and motivating.  She particularly is highly sought after to speak at schools and colleges Australia wide.  As one of the leading Australian female motivational speakers, Rosie and her “Kick But” methods, bring a room to life and leave students targeted to their goals and aspirations.

This Australian Female motivational speaker has a background that allows her “on the ground” stories real, graphic and visual.  As one of the leading Australian Female Motivational speakers, she has featured on TV and Radio, both in Australia and overseas.  She is also a accredited member of the National Speakers Association of Australia.

With a range of motivational videos, books and DVD’s Rosie can not only help you with your next speaking engagement, but you can harness the energy and direction from this wonderful Australian Female Motivational Speaker and turn yourself into, dare I say it, a “But Kicker”.

I was so impressed with Rosie that we offered to assist her to turn her existing and very dated website into an asset for her speaking and motivational books.  This fine example of the very best of Australian female motivational speakers will soon have a fantastic, easy to use, easy to find and very engaging website, that will no doubt allow Rosie to bring her Kick But pursuit of excellence to a speaking engagement near you.  She was already famous when we met her, and its Website Essentials job to make her the most famous Australian female motivational speakers that you can find on front page on Google.  Visit Rosie Pekar’s website here….

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