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A Team Kitchens Gold Coast

A brand new Brand and a brand new site for A Team Kitchens Gold Coast.

This is one of those wonderful opportunities to help a new business get on the right foot with search.  A Team Kitchens Gold Coast is the outcome of a very experienced operator starting a ‘new’ business venture and chose an initial brand name.

Then he found us, and we helped him on the path to a solid brand on search and a long term front page on search plan for the future.  By sitting with A Team Kitchens and working through the brand search confusion and also geo requirements the final solution was logical.  A very geographically solid trading name for the domain and website and still hinged on the initial brand name.

A Team Kitchens Gold Coast

We then went and transferred their existing website to the new domain, and in the most important next step, embraced search engines and gave their new we presence all the tools, reporting and protection that it needed to thrive in the very competitive online environment.

The outcome is that they now have full control over their brand, its protection and its resources on Google and Bing.  “When you get all your ducks lined up, your site and its content will only prosper” {old internet marking saying}  A Team Kitchens Gold Coast needed to get found at the top of the page for their brand name, and the point of difference from other similar names in other industries had to be solid and defend-able.  Based on the Website Essentials, the plan was to get brand found and secured, then reach out using all available google tools, and all of them properly interlinked and working together to get A Team found for Kitchens Gold Coast and other vital volume searches.

How did they go?  Google A Team Kitchens Gold Coast and find out…

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