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Deck Chairs

Deck Chairs

Classic Deck Chairs Revival

Welcome to Deck Chairs.  This retro rethink business is ticking all the boxes for all the right reasons.

Deck ChairsThere has been many calls for more environmentally friendly furniture in Australia, also, for more local manufacturers of quality products, and Deck Chairs does it…

This home business, working on their own property utilizes the very best local products to hand make (yes Hand Make) their range of classic (if not Retro) Deck Chairs.

These deck chairs are still the simplest and most comfortable folding, transportable chair for outside use, that is why the design still rules.  Coupled with a loving eye for quality and detail, and put together with

a few new improvements, these chairs are guaranteed to get you comfy and probably off for a small nap in the shade of a spreading willow tree on a hot day.

Classic lines and right for the times.  Deck Chairs grew from and idea into this new business and was launched at various markets around Queensland.  Of course every one ask Deck Chairs “what is your website”

and they knew they had to go online.  They chose Website Essentials for the job, front page rankings, online buying capability and fully self editing.

Very shortly Deck Chairs should be at the top of the page and helping Australian’s find a local manufacturing business that puts out quality products – so long as you are after Deck Chairs that is…

Website Essentials is very pleased to assist this new start up to do it right.  Deck Chairs by are great, in fact, they are so good, we have a couple…



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